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Buffalo Bill and the chief's daughter, or, Three Bills in a triple bill
Buffalo Bill's mountain foes, or, Pawnee Bill and the white queen's vengeance
Buffalo Bill's desperate mission, or, The round-up in Hidden Valley
Buffalo Bill and the Russian plot, or, Pawnee Bill and the grand duke
Buffalo Bill's opium case, or, Pawnee Bill and the sheriff's frame-up
Buffalo Bill and Perdita Reyes, or, Pawnee Bill's bowie practice
Buffalo Bill at Cañon Diablo, or, Pawnee Bill's railroad mutiny
Buffalo Bill and the eight vaqueros, or, The men of Con Armas Blancas
Buffalo Bill and the mining shark, or, The "king-pin" proposition
Buffalo Bill and the Apache totem, or, The mystery of Narbona
Buffalo Bill and the men of Mendon, or, Pawnee Bill's deputy
Buffalo Bill's Apache clue, or, A little work for the governor
Buffalo Bill and the pool of mystery, or, The hand of the prophet
Buffalo Bill's girl pard; or, Dauntless Dell of the "Double D."
Buffalo Bill's sky-pilot, or, The fiesta tangle