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Buffalo Bill's boldest stroke, or, Pawnee Bill's riata dance
Buffalo Bill's new pard, or, Happy Hank from Ha-Ha Valley
Buffalo Bill's "sight unseen," or, The blind man's "blind"
Buffalo Bill and Perdita Reyes, or, Pawnee Bill's bowie practice
Buffalo Bill's enigma, or, Pawnee Bill and the house of mystery
Buffalo Bill and the Ke-week totem, or, Pawnee Bill's blacksnake magic
Buffalo Bill's transfer
Buffalo Bill's unlucky siesta, or, Solving the "twice-four" puzzle
Buffalo Bill's island in the air, or, The secret of the mesa
Buffalo Bill's "pieces-of-eight," or, The old turquoise mine mystery
Buffalo Bill and the cattle barons, or, Blocking a game of freeze-out
Buffalo Bill at Cañon Diablo, or, Pawnee Bill's railroad mutiny
Buffalo Bill's fiesta night, or, At outs with the baker's dozen
Buffalo Bill repaid, or, Old Moonlight's mystery
Buffalo Bill calls a halt, or, Pawnee Bill's Texas tangle
Buffalo Bill's test, or, Pawnee Bill, prince of the bowie
Buffalo Bill and the Ponca raiders, or, Pawnee Bill's double-throw
Buffalo Bill and the hatchet boys, or, A pledge redeemed
Buffalo Bill and Old Moonlight, or, A red man's friend
Buffalo Bill's throwback, or, The fiddler from Fortymile