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Dick Merriwell's development, or, The all-round wonder
Dick Merriwell's eye, or, The secret of good batting
Frank Merriwell at Phantom Lake, or, The mystery of the mad doctor
Frank Merriwell's hold-back, or, The boys of Bristol
Dick Merriwell at the meet, or, Honors worth winning
Frank Merriwell's patience, or, The making of a pitcher
Dick Merriwell's "skyscooter," or, Professor Pagan and the "princess"
Frank Merriwell's ranch boss, or, Big Bruce and the "Blossoms"
Dick Merriwell's rally, or, Making a fighting finish
Frank Merriwell's zest, or, The spirit of the school
Frank Merriwell's rope, or, The pest of the trail
Dick Merriwell in the marathon, or, The sensation of the great run
Frank Merriwell's encouragement, or, The awakening of Willie West
Dick Merriwell's restraint, or, "The prince of the foils"
Dick Merriwell's "dip", or, The mysterious movements of a hat