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The little operator, or, Cornering the "bears" of Wall Street
A boy of the curb, or, The secret of a treasury note
From foundry boy to steel king, or, The rise of a young bridge builder
The missing box of bullion, or, The boy who solved a Wall Street mystery
Claim no. 7, or, A fortune from a gold mine
The boy ice king, or, Coining money from the river
A boy from the South, or, Cleaning out a Wall Street crowd
Hal, the hustler, or, The feat that made him famous
Dollars from dust, or, The boy who worked a silver mine
A game boy, or, From the slums to Wall Street
A waif's legacy, or, How it made a poor boy rich
Fighting the money kings, or, The little speculator of Wall Street
A boy with grit, or, The young salesman who made his mark
Ted, the broker's son, or, Starting out for himself
Dick Darrell's nerve, or, From engine-house to manager's office
Under a lucky star, or, The boy who made a million in Wall Street
Taking chances, or, Playing for big stakes
Ten silent brokers, or, The boy who broke the Wall Street syndicate
Only a factory boy, or, Winning a name for himself
Fox & day, brokers, or, The young money makers of Wall Street