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Buffalo Bill's winged victory, or, The man who won
Buffalo Bill's ultimatum, or, Facing terrors with Pawnee Bill
Buffalo Bill and the eight vaqueros, or, The men of Con Armas Blancas
Buffalo Bill and the mining shark, or, The "king-pin" proposition
Buffalo Bill and the gilded clique, or, Pawnee Bill's mountain-slide
Buffalo Bill and the Apache totem, or, The mystery of Narbona
Buffalo Bill's O.K., or, Pawnee Bill's warning
Buffalo Bill and the deserter, or, The saving of Sergeant Sebree
Buffalo Bill's blockade, or, Pawnee Bill and the tenderfoot
Buffalo Bill's Apache clue, or, A little work for the governor
Buffalo Bill's long odds, or, A quick move for Perry
Buffalo Bill, town marshal, or, A new trick in an old game
Buffalo Bill and the boomers, or, Pawnee Bill's strike at Kingfisher
Buffalo Bill's golden wonder, or, A hard fight for luck
Buffalo Bill and the chink war, or, Playing with fire
Buffalo Bill's Chinese chase, or, The battle of the tongs