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Buffalo Bill's bluff; or, a call-down for "Old Calamity"
Buffalo Bill baffled; or, the waif in a new role
Buffalo Bill's pay-streak or, a job of salt in Sun Dance Cañon
Buffalo Bill among the Mormons or, "$5,000 reward, alive or dead"
Buffalo Bill's hurricane hustle; or, a close shave at Razor Gap
Buffalo Bill's queer quest; or, the veiled woman of the valley
Buffalo Bill's prize get-away or, first aid to the man from nowhere
Buffalo Bill's trackers; or, the still hunt on the San Juan
Buffalo Bill's star play; or, a dead open-and-shut in Windy Gulch
Buffalo Bill's desperate plight; or, the rout of the Cimmarron pards
Buffalo Bill and the mad marauder, or, A king for a foe