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Lucky Lee the office boy, or, The nerviest lad in New York
Sure to get rich, or, A smart young messenger
A born speculator, or, The young sphinx of Wall Street
Golden fleece, or, The boy brokers of Wall Street
Playing to win, or, The foxiest boy in Wall Street
Beating the brokers, or, The boy who couldn't be done
Boss of the market, or, The greatest boy in Wall Street
A boy money-maker, or, In Wall Street on his nerve
Hitting it rich, or, The luckiest firm in Wall Street
Capturing the money, or, How Ben Bailey made his mark
Charlie of the curb, or, Beating the mining brokers
Tom the bank messenger, or, The boy who got rich
Up to the minute, or, From office boy to broker
Silver dollar Sam, or, The coin that brought him luck
Getting the coin, or, The luckiest lad in Wall Street
The young banker, or, The mystery of a money box
The boy banker's double, or, A strange Wall St. mystery
Little Dan Tucker, or, Making big money in Wall Street
A young money broker, or, Striking luck in Wall Street
In the money game, or, The luck of two Wall Street chums