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Captain Jack Tempest, the prince of the sea
Young Captain Rock, or, The first of the whiteboys
Lost in the ice
Water=logged, or, Lost in the sea of grass
The boy canoeist, or, Over 1,000 miles in a canoe
Jack Hawthorne of No Man's Land, or, An uncrowned king
Lost on the ocean, or, Ben Bluff's last voyage
Through thick and thin, or, Our boys abroad
Nick Carter's great success, or, The hunting down of insurance frauds
Nick Carter's three perils, or, A story of hypnotic power
Nick Carter in the hidden chamber, or, The hunt for the lost millionaire
Nick Carter's suicide mystery, or, Playing a master stroke
Nick Carter and the grave vandals, or, The mystery of St. Paul's churchyard
Nick Carter and the Nebraska outlaws, or, Playing a desperate game