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Frank Merriwell's diplomacy, or, Subduing a bully
Dick Merriwell's driving, or, "The terror from Toronto"
Dick Merriwell's dandies, or, A surprise for the cowboy nine
Dick Merriwell's colors, or, All for the blue
Dick Merriwell in Utah, or, The road to "Promised Land"
Dick Merriwell's reputation, or, Like a snake in the grass
 Frank Merriwell's fighters, or, The decisive battle with Blackstone
Frank Merriwell's red visitors, or, Sport on the ranch
Dick Merriwell in the Elk Mountains, or, The search for Dead Injun Mine
Dick Merriwell's mind, or, The ideal of manhood
Dick Merriwell in the North Woods, or, The timber thieves of the Floodwood
Dick Merriwell's motto, or, Fair play and no favors
Frank Merriwell's protection, or, The man who went wrong
Dick Merriwell's bluff, or, The boy who ran away
Frank Merriwell's lesson, or, The young rebels of the ranch
Dick Merriwell's good cheer, or, Holidays with the exiles
Dick Merriwell, driver, or, The race for the Daremore Cup
Frank Merriwell's pupil, or, The boy with the wizard wing
Dick Merriwell's flyer, or, Champions of the ice