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Claim no. 7, or, A fortune from a gold mine
The missing box of bullion, or, The boy who solved a Wall Street mystery
From foundry boy to steel king, or, The rise of a young bridge builder
A boy of the curb, or, The secret of a treasury note
The little operator, or, Cornering the "bears" of Wall Street
Caught by cannibals, or, The treasure of the land of fire
Dandy Dick, the boss boy broker, or, Hustling for gold in Wall Street
The old broker's heir, or, The boy who won in Wall Street
A runaway boy, or, The buried treasure of the Incas
Rough and Ready Dick, or, A young express agent's luck
A castaway's fortune, or, The hunt for a pirate's gold
Ralph Roy's riches, or, A smart boy's run of Wall Street luck
A young lumber king, or, The boy who worked his way up
After big money, or, Turning the tables on the Wall Street brokers
Trading Tom, or, The boy who bought everything
Lured by the market, or, A boy's big deal in Wall Street
On the gold coast, or, The treasure of the stranded ship
A stroke of luck, or, The boy who made money in oil
From mill to millions, or, The poor boy who became a steel magnate
After the golden eagles, or, A lucky young Wall Street broker