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The little Wall Street speculator, or, The boy who became a stock broker
Old Hazard's errand boy, or, The nerve that won the money
Check 765, or, The strangest tip in Wall Street
Broker Brown's boy, or, A tough lad from Missouri
A boy with brains, or, A fortune from a dime
A boy from the streets, or, The old broker's protege
Matt the money maker, or, A strange lad in Wall Street
In Wall Street to win, or, The boy who got the money
Bill's bond syndicate, or, A fortune from a two cent stamp
A born broker, or, The success of a Wall Street boy
Among the sharks, or, The lights and shadows of Wall Street
In the stock market, or, The lucky ventures of a Wall Street messenger
The old trader's legacy, and, What his office boy did with it
Sam, the speculator, or, Playing the Wall Street market
After a golden stake, or, Breaking a "bucket shop" combine
A boy broker's dollars, or, The mystery of the money vault
A banker at 17, or, A Wall Street boy's syndicate
Working the money market, or, The deals of a Wall St. boy
A young broker's money, or, Trapping the sharpers of Wall St
Jimmy, the office boy, or, A plucky Wall St. plunger