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The missing bonds, or, A lucky boy in Wall Street
$10,000 reward, or, The fortune of a bank clerk
The young copper king, or, The boy who went the limit
A lucky risk, or, The nerve of a Wall Street office boy
Tipped to win, or, The Wall St. messenger who made a fortune
After the last dollar, or, The Wall Street boy who saved his boss
Boss of Wall Street, or, Taking chances on the curb
In the game to win, or, Beating the Wall Street "bulls"
Dick Dalton, young banker, or, Cornering the Wall Street "sharks"
A $50,000 deal, or, Hal Hardy the Wall Street wizard
Sharp and smart the young brokers, and, How they made a million
A bright boy broker, or, Shearing the Wall Street "lambs"
Dick and the mad broker, or, The secret band of Wall Street
Doubling their dollars, or, Schoolmates in Wall Street
Beating the market, or, A boy broker's big deal
Bound to get the cash, or, Out for a million in Wall Street
Little Johnny Brown, or, How a smart boy made money
After big money, or, Turning the tables on the Wall Street brokers
Ralph Roy's riches, or, A smart boy's run of Wall Street luck
The old broker's heir, or, The boy who won in Wall Street