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Driven to the wall, or, The nerve of a Wall Street boy
Back Number Bixby, or, The boy who was up to the minute
Long & Co., boy brokers, or, A lucky Wall Street firm
Dealing in stocks, or, Saved by a Wall St. ticker
Capturing the coin, or, The deals of a boy broker
Lucky Jim, or, $100,000 from stocks
Frank Fisk, the boy broker, or, Working the Wall St. stock market
Will Fox of Wall Street, or, The success of a boy banker
Too lucky to lose, or, A boy with a winning streak
A golden shower, or, The boy banker of Wall Street
A $30,000 tip, or, The young weazel of Wall Street
A grip on the market, or, A hot time in Wall Street
Nat Noble, the little broker, or, The boy who started a Wall Street panic
The young money magnate, or, The Wall Street boy who broke the market
A big risk, or, The game that won
A boy stock broker, or, From errand boy to millionaire
Little Jay Perkins, the broker, or, Shearing the Wall Street "lambs"
Ted, the broker's son, or, Starting out for himself
Tipped by the ticker, or, An ambitious boy in Wall Street
A bid for a fortune, or, A country boy in Wall Street