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83 degrees north latitude, or, The handwriting in the iceberg
Monte Cristo at 18, or, From slave to avenger
A New York boy in the Soudan, or, The Mahdi's slave
Abandoned, or, The wolf man of the island
Among the fire worshipers, or, Two New York boys in Mexico
An unknown flag, or, The mysterious black schooner
Around the world on a bicycle, a story of adventures in many lands
Boy pards, or, Making a home on the border
Broker Bob, or, The youngest operator in Wall Street
Captain Columbia, or, The wonderful adventures of a young American
Doublequick, the king harpooner, or, The wonder of the whalers
Gerald O'Grady's grit, or, The branded Irish lad
Give him a chance, or, How Tom Curtis won his way
Gunboat Dick, or, Death before dishonor
Hero forty-four, or, The boy fireman of Ashland
In the sea of ice, or, The perils of a boy whaler
Jack Reef, the boy captain, or, Adventures on the ocean
Jack Wright's submarine catamaran, or, The phantom ship of the Yellow Sea
Joe Wiley, the young temperance lecturer
Lightning Lew, the boy scout, or, Perils of the West