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Red Privateer, or, The first to float the stars and stripes
The young deserters, or, The mystery of Ramsey Island
A coral prison, or, The two boy hermits of the Indian Ocean
The boy privateer captain, or, Lost on a nameless sea
Driven apart, or, The trip of the Daisy
The boy explorers, or, Abandoned in the land of ice
The boy mutineers, or, Slavery or death
North Pole Nat, or, The secret of the frozen deep
Driven ashore in lost latitudes, or, The strange story of the Skeleton Island
Lost on a raft, or, Driven from sea to sea
Alow and aloft, or, The dashing boy harpooner
Jack Reef, the boy captain, or, Adventures on the ocean
Twenty years on an island, or, The story of a castaway
The floating gold mine, or, Adrift in an unknown sea
Abandoned, or, The wolf man of the island
Lost at the South Pole, or, The kingdom of ice
Doublequick, the king harpooner, or, The wonder of the whalers
An unknown flag, or, The mysterious black schooner
Three treasure wrecks, or, The remarkable cruise of the "Red, White and Blue"
The ice breaker boys, or, Cutting their way to the Pole