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Texan spy, or, The prairie guide
Young Kentuck, or, The red lasso
yankee captives
Lone Star's sure shot, or, the one-armed rival
dashing trooper, or, The half-breed's revenge
Keetsea, queen of the Plains, or, The Enchanted Rock
Bill Robbins, hunter, or, The man in green
Kentuck Talbot's band, or, The red lasso
man in green, or, The siege of Bexar
Tonkawa spy, or, The Comanche foray
three captives
Will-O'-the-Wisp, the California trooper
silent rifleman
Texan spy, or, The prairie guide
rifle rangers, or, Adventures in southern Mexico
Putnam Pomfret's ward, or, A Vermonter's adventures in Mexico