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Three times stolen, or, Nick Carter's strange clue
Nick Carter's master struggle, or, The battle with the man-monkey
The Man with the Missing Thumb, or, Nick Carter's chance discovery
Behind the mask, or, Nick Carter and the queen of the Mardi Gras
The Hidden Crime, or, Nick Carter's telephone clew
A royal flush, or, Nick Carter's pursuit of a living mystery
Nick Carter's strangest case, or, The hacienda plot
The dead man on the roof, or, Nick Carter clears an honored name
A mystery in India ink, or, Nick Carter in search of a secret
Mercedes Danton's double, or, A plot for many millions
Nick Carter's proofs, or, Bad news for the guilty
A clever grab, or, Nick Carter's worst worry
Three times in peril, or, Nick Carter's busiest night
A dead guardian of millions, or, Nick Carter uncovers a mystery
The man from Montana, or, Nick Carter and the cavern of gold
The masked woman's daring plot, or, Nick Carter springs a surprise
The house of secrets, or, Nick Carter's midnight vigil