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Red Privateer, or, The first to float the stars and stripes
Young Karl Kruger, or, The richest boy in the Transvaal
The block house boys, or, The young pioneers of the Great Lakes
Percy Greville, the scout of Valley Forge
Percy Greville, the scout of Valley Forge
Running Rob, or, Mad Anthony's rollicking scout
The boy with the steel mask, or, A face that was never seen
The seven white bears, or, The band of fate
The boy cavalry scout, or, Life in the saddle
Monte Cristo at 18, or, From slave to avenger
The boy courier of Siberia, or, The league of the Russian prison mines
The young Rip Van Winkle
Captain Columbia, or, The wonderful adventures of a young American
The boy slaves of Siberia, or, The vulture king
A poor Irish boy, or, Fighting his own way
Three young guardsmen, or, The chosen champions of the queen
Old disaster, or, The perils of the pioneers
Arnold's shadow, or, The traitor's nemesis
The Bullet Charmer
Whirlwind Jack, or, Captain Heald's boy messenger