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Alapaha, the squaw, or, The renegades of the border
death track, or, The outlaws of the mountain
Assowaum, the avenger, or, The doom of the destroyers
Little Dan Rocks, or, The mountain kid's mission
Jumping Jake, the Colorado circus boy, or, The wicked man of Slashaway Bar
border rovers, or, Lost on the overland trail
Fighting Fred, or, The castaways of Grizzly Camp
Pat Mulloney's adventures, or, Silver Tongue, the Dacotah queen
Mink Coat, the death shot, or, The spring of the tiger
snow-shoe trail, or, The forest desperadoes
Pony, the cowboy, or, The young marshal's raid
Bronco Billy, the saddle prince
Captain Fly-By-Night, or, The Colorado boys on the war-path
young mustangers, or, Dick Merry's rangers