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The Abduction Syndicate, or, Nick Carter against the short interest
The Toils of a Siren, or, Nick Carter's busiest day
The green scarab, or, Nick Carter's beautiful mystery
The Hidden Crime, or, Nick Carter's telephone clew
The antique vial, or, Nick Carter's curious mystery
On the square, or, The success of an honest boy
A boy from the streets, or, The old broker's protege
A born showman, or, The boy who ran a circus
After a golden stake, or, Breaking a "bucket shop" combine
A boy broker's dollars, or, The mystery of the money vault
Tom, the apprentice, or, The young mechanic who made his mark
A banker at 17, or, A Wall Street boy's syndicate
Working the money market, or, The deals of a Wall St. boy
The boy gold king, or, The greatest mine in the world