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Andy the mill boy, or, Rising to the top
Fame before the footlights, or, The boy who bossed the theatre
Lucky Lee the office boy, or, The nerviest lad in New York
Sure to get rich, or, A smart young messenger
Pushing it through, or, The fate of a lucky boy
A born speculator, or, The young sphinx of Wall Street
The way to success, or, The boy who got there
Struck oil, or, The boy who made a million
A boy money-maker, or, In Wall Street on his nerve
Buried gold, or, The treasure of the old buccaneers
Hitting it rich, or, The luckiest firm in Wall Street
Sam the salesman, or, The boy with the silver tongue
After a big stake, or, Brains against brawn
Facing the Mexicans, or, The secret of the Aztec's gold
Fighting for fame, or, The luck of a young contractor
Seeking a lost treasure, or, The nerve of a young explorer
Matt the mechanic, or, The boy who made his pile
Among the ice peaks, or, The voyage that made the money
The little castaways, or, The fortune that a wreck brought
Taking big chances, or, The boy who saved a town