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Dick Merriwell and the Carlisle warriors, or, The mystery of the kidnapped pitcher
Dick Merriwell's collegemate, or, Fighting a crooked deal
Dick Merriwell, diplomat, or, The stolen state paper
Dick Merriwell's coolness, or, At the Nevada gold fields
Dick Merriwell's reliance, or, The man who had served time
Frank Merriwell's boy, or, A chip of the old block
Dick Merriwell's mysterious disappearance, or, The game in the balance
Frank Merriwell's tenacity, or, The mystery of the famous scientist
Frank Merriwell, victor, or, The redemption of "Babe" Silver
Frank Merriwell's unknown, or, The mysterious James Brown
Dick Merriwell on the Great Lakes, or, The smugglers of the inland seas
Dick Merriwell's master mind, or, The mysterious Mr. Snare
Dick Merriwell's detective work, or, The case of the varsity shortstop
Frank Merriwell's acuteness, or, The search for a name
Dick Merriwell's quandary, or, The mystery of the deserted farmhouse
Dick Merriwell, American, or, The man from Japan
Dick Merriwell's queer case, or, The lure of the ruby
Frank Merriwell's perplexity, or, The mystery of the blue diamond