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Entangled, or, A dangerous game
Madcap, the little Quakeress, or, The naval cadet's wooing
Why I married him?, or, The woman in gray
fair face, or, Out in the world
Trust her not, or, A true knight
loyal lover, or, The last of the Grimspeths
His idol, or, The ill-starred marriage
broken betrothal, or, Love versus hate
Orphan Nell, the orange girl, or, The lost heir
Now and forever, or, Why did she marry him?
bride of an actor, or, Driven from home
Leap year, or, Why she proposed
Her face was her fortune
Only a schoolmistress, or, Her untold secret
Was she a coquette?, or, A strange courtship
For her dear sake, or, Saved from himself
bouquet girl, or, A million of money