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Moccasin Mat, or, The prairie mustanger
Dick Merriwell's cayuse, or, The star of the big range
Frank Merriwell's six-in-hand, or, The trail to Pickpocket
Frank Merriwell, prince of the rope, or, The King Bee from Kinknot
Frank Merriwell's treasure map, or, The search for buried gold
Frank Merriwell on Rattlesnake Ranch, or, The dupe who became a shark
Dick Merriwell in the saddle, or, The bunch from the Bar Z
Dick Merriwell's ranch friends, or, Sport on the range
Dick Merriwell's "skyscooter," or, Professor Pagan and the "princess"
Frank Merriwell's ranch boss, or, Big Bruce and the "Blossoms"
Frank Merriwell's rope, or, The pest of the trail
Dick Merriwell in Utah, or, The road to "Promised Land"
Frank Merriwell's red visitors, or, Sport on the ranch
Dick Merriwell in the Elk Mountains, or, The search for Dead Injun Mine
Frank Merriwell's protection, or, The man who went wrong
Dick Merriwell's bluff, or, The boy who ran away
Frank Merriwell's lesson, or, The young rebels of the ranch
Dick Merriwell in Mystery Valley, or, Buried alive in Bulldog Tunnel
Frank Merriwell's ranch, or, Roughing it on the range