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Fergus of the flail, or, Fighting for land and life
The boy scout
Muldoon in Ireland, or, The solid man on the old sod
The young Rip van Winkle
The lost gold raft, or, A perilous cruise for a floating treasure
Young King Crusoe, or, The treasure-trove of Falcon Key
Young Capt. Perry, the hero of 1812
The actor's son
Ocean Wolf
Green Mountain Joe, the old trapper of Malbro Pond
Adrift in the tree-tops
The mysterious man of the mountain
Jack and Jim, or, Rackets and scrapes at school
The mysterious light-ship, or, The smugglers of the death-coast
The comical adventures of two dudes
Dandy Dan of Deadwood betrayed, or, The vultures of Montana
Bulger Boom, the inventor
Senator Muldoon
Frank Reade, Jr., in the far west, or, The search for a lost gold mine