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Red Rube Burrows, or, The king of the outlaws
Cool Dan's contest, or, Fighting the Creede combination
Gentleman Joe ensnared, or, A mighty bad man to beat
Klondike Kit's lost lead, or, A fracas at Fort Get There
Klondike Kit's moose-skin bag, or, The clean-up at no. 6
Klondike Kit, or, A freeze-out in the Chilkoot Pass
Frank Merriwell's boom, or, The New York production
Frank Merriwell's prosperity, or, Forging to the front
Frank Merriwell's great hit, or, Fighting the play pirates
Frank Merriwell betrayed, or, The downfall of Hodge
Frank Merriwell's admirers, or, Annoyed by attention
Frank Merriwell's reception at Yale, or, A hot time in New Haven
Frank Merriwell's misfortune, or, The start on a new career
Frank Merriwell's daring, or, Elsie Bellwood's sacrifice