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Phil Rushington's bravery, or, Burned out at Newcastle
Owen Clancy and the claim jumpers, or, The motor wizard's running mate
Owen Clancy's ride for fortune, or, The motor wizard's pluck and luck
Owen Clancy's run of luck, or, The motor wizard in the garage
Dick Merriwell's pick-ups, or, A game with the outlaws
Dick Merriwell's hot pursuit, or, Running down the kidnappers
Dick Merriwell's subterfuge, or, The tussle with the topnotchers
Dick Merriwell's dog, or, Faithful to the last
Dick Merriwell's silence, or, The shadow of the past
Dick Merriwell's motor car, or, The wizard of the road
Dick Merriwell at Forest Lake, or, The king of Flume River
Dick Merriwell's "wing," or, The man who couldn't be stopped
Dick Merriwell's sky chase, or, The diamond mystery of Denver
Dick Merriwell in court, or, Judge Grimm of Grumblestone