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Dick Merriwell's anxious hour, or, The bracing of Jack Dalton
Frank Merriwell, Junior's, pick-up nine, or, Helping a Fardale plebe
Owen Clancy and the claim jumpers, or, The motor wizard's running mate
Owen Clancy's ride for fortune, or, The motor wizard's pluck and luck
Frank Merriwell, Junior's, fearless risk, or, Turning over a new leaf
Frank Merriwell, Junior's, Xmas Eve, or, The plot that failed
Frank Merriwell, Junior, misjudged, or, Fair play and no favor
Frank Merriwell, Junior, justified, or, The lad who cleared his record
Frank Merriwell, Junior, incog., or, From jest to earnest
Buffalo Bill's victories
Buffalo Bill's victories
The outlaw's wife, or, The Valley Ranche
The vailed benefactress, or, The rocking stone mystery