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Buffalo Bill's Sioux tackle, or, Pawnee Bill's canoe trail
Buffalo Bill's ice chase, or, The trail of the black rifle
Buffalo Bill, the white whirlwind, or, Dashing Dan, the border decoy duck
Buffalo Bill's tramp pard, or, Pawnee Bill and the sachem of Saginaw
Buffalo Bill's battle cry, or, Pawnee Bill and the Indian stampede
Buffalo Bill's Crow scouts, or, Pawnee Bill and the Absarokes
Buffalo Bill's gypsy band, or, The queen of the road wanderers
Buffalo Bill's fight for right, or, Pawnee Bill and the king of the land boomers
Buffalo Bill on the upper Missouri, or, Pawnee Bill's pick-up
Buffalo Bill's secret message, or, Professor Six and the cipher
Buffalo Bill's red nemesis, or, The white captive of the Sioux
Buffalo Bill's great ride, or, The capture of Handsome Elk