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Dick Merriwell, captain of the varsity, or, Game to the last
Dick Merriwell's backstop, or, The result of bad habits
Dick Merriwell's best form, or, Master of himself
Frank Merriwell, the always ready, or, The mystery of Miguel Toro
Frank Merriwell's hard proposition, or, The tigers of Texas
Frank Merriwell in Diamond Land, or, The vanishing girl of Vista Grande
Frank Merriwell's desperate chance, or, The rescue of June Arlington
Frank Merriwell at the throttle, or, Bringing through the Black Express
Dick Merriwell's masked enemy, or, The man with the scar
Dick Merriwell's hope, or, The reliance of the blue
Frank Merriwell's black terror, or, The mad horse of Montes Altos
Frank Merriwell again on the slab, or, Merry in his old-time uniform
Frank Merriwell's treasure map, or, The search for buried gold
Frank Merriwell on Rattlesnake Ranch, or, The dupe who became a shark
Dick Merriwell at his best, or, Rounding the team into form
Frank Merriwell's rope, or, The pest of the trail