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Frank Merriwell's disappearance, or, The secret of the island
Frank Merriwell's mystery, or, The monster of Devil Island
Gold Nugget Dick, or, Two boys' good luck
man in red, or, The island rovers
Twenty years on an island, or, The story of a castaway
Driven ashore in lost latitudes, or, The strange story of the Skeleton Island
Robinson Crusoe, Jr
The Blue Clipper, or, The smuggler spy
The boy mutineers, or, Slavery or death
A coral prison, or, The two boy hermits of the Indian Ocean
The young deserters, or, The mystery of Ramsey Island
Red Privateer, or, The first to float the stars and stripes
The boy maroons, or, Cast away for two years
Abandoned, or, The wolf man of the island
Worth a million, or, A boy's fight for justice
Afloat with Captain Kidd, or, A boy among the pirates