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Dick Merriwell mystified, or, The chase of death
Dick Merriwell's charm, or, The heart of gold
Frank Merriwell, Junior's, new foe, or, The Santa Fe cross-country
Dick Merriwell tricked, or, The girl from Santa Fe
Dick Merriwell's torquoise tussle, or, The fight for the mine
Dick Merriwell's polo play, or, The winning streak
Dick Merriwell's anxious hour, or, The bracing of Jack Dalton
Dick Merriwell and the burglar, or, In the land of the spouting fires
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s, pueblo puzzle, or, The return of an old foe
Merriwell vs. Merriwell, or, A pitchers' battle
Dick Merriwell's hazard, or, The league of the white shoulders
Frank Merriwell, Jr., in the cattle stampede ; or, The rain maker's ruse
Merriwell company, or, The gathering of the clan
Frank Merriwell's first commission, or, The fate of the fingerlings
Frank Merriwell, Junior's, grueling test, or, Dick Merriwell's strategy
Frank Merriwell, Junior, in the desert ; or, Dick Merriwell's aides
Frank Merriwell, Junior's, special mission, or, Dick Merriwell's mail
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s, red bowman, or, Dick Merriwell's triumph