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Frank Merriwell in the land of wonders, or, The game of the geysers
Frank Merriwell's unseen foes, or, A battle in the dark
Frank Merriwell in the Rockies, or, On the trail of Bart Hodge
Frank Merriwell at the cowboy carnival, or, Old friends meet again
Frank Merriwell and the phantom fear, or, The mystery of the Yellowstone
Frank Merriwell again in Colorado, or, A foe to be feared
Merriwell vs. Merriwell, or, A pitchers' battle
Frank Merriwell's river problem, or, The disappearance of Jack Diamond
Frank Merriwell, Jr., in the cattle stampede ; or, The rain maker's ruse
Frank Merriwell's conquest, or, Winning an enemy
Frank Merriwell, Junior's, pick-up nine, or, Helping a Fardale plebe
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s, diamond foes, or, Won in the ninth
Merriwell company, or, The gathering of the clan
Frank Merriwell's first commission, or, The fate of the fingerlings
Dick Merriwell strapped, or, The adventure of the escaped convicts
Frank Merriwell's appraisal, or, The measure of manhood
Frank Merriwell's hot-head, or, The boy from Arizona
Frank Merriwell's lads, or, The fellow with the family tree
Dick Merriwell, diplomat, or, The stolen state paper
Frank Merriwell's young warriors, or, The fellow who could not play clean