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Buffalo Bill at Lone Tree Gap, or, Pawnee Bill in the bear pit
Buffalo Bill's "pieces-of-eight," or, The old turquoise mine mystery
Buffalo Bill and the mining shark, or, The "king-pin" proposition
Buffalo Bill and the deserter, or, The saving of Sergeant Sebree
Buffalo Bill's deadliest deal, or, The doomed desperadoes of Satan's mine
Dick Merriwell's prodding, or, The fellow who lacked push
Dick Merriwell in the copper country, or, The search for a lost mine
Dick Merriwell's coolness, or, At the Nevada gold fields
Frank Merriwell's bold play, or, The checkmating of Felipe Lopez
Frank Merriwell's wit, or, Thwarting a governor
Dick Merriwell's penetration, or, The man from Nowhere
Dick Merriwell's predicament, or, Frank Merriwell facing his foes
Dick Merriwell in Mystery Valley, or, Buried alive in Bulldog Tunnel
Dick Merriwell's trip West, or, Brother backing brother