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Frank Merriwell's appraisal, or, The measure of manhood
Dick Merriwell, universal coach, or, Fighting the class battles
Dick Merriwell's star pupil, or, Squaring the score
Dick Merriwell's sixth sense, or, The Yale pitcher's double play
Dick Merriwell's battle for the blue, or, The Yale nine at West Point
Dick Merriwell's counsel, or, A friend in need
Dick Merriwell's foreign foe, or, The discovery of the baseball bomb
Frank Merriwell's hot-head, or, The boy from Arizona
Dick Merriwell's enthusiasm, or, The sophomore pitcher's last ball
Dick Merriwell's champions, or, Foul play in the hockey game
Frank Merriwell's lads, or, The fellow with the family tree
Dick Merriwell and the Carlisle warriors, or, The mystery of the kidnapped pitcher
Dick Merriwell's plan, or, Jim Phillips' initiation
Dick Merriwell's marathon, or, How the last Olympic mile brought victory
Dick Merriwell's young pitcher, or, The fellow who disappeared
Dick Merriwell's heroic crew, or, How a Yale player saved a boat race
Frank Merriwell's young warriors, or, The fellow who could not play clean
Dick Merriwell comes back, or, How Harvard lost the title
Dick Merriwell's snare, or, Trapping the card tricksters
Dick Merriwell's astuteness, or, The mystery of the examination papers