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Fighting Fred, or, The castaways of Grizzly Camp
White Tigers, or, Silver Rifle, the girl tracker of Lake Superior
Oregon Josh, the wizard rifle, or, The young trapper champion
snow-trail, or, The boy hunters of fur-land
Silver Horn, and his rifle, Firedeath, or, The boy heroes of the war-path
Rocky Mountain Burt, or, Harry, the furrier's son
Ira's big bonanza, or, Mysterious crazy Tom
Dolly's death-shot, or, Dusky Mark, the young wildcat
Squatter Dick's oath, or, The bandit's black band
tell-tale bullet, or, The outlaw's fate
boy chief, or, Frank Bell's compact
Old Crossfire's crisis, or, Frank Nesbit, the young trailer
nameless hunter, or, The Dacotah scourge
'Frisco Frank's rival, or, The gold cave of Death Valley
Mark Morgan's mask, or, The girl avenger
half-breed rival, or, The tangled trail
champion Texan rider, or, Red Buffalo, and the hunter Hercules
Long Shot, or, The dwarf guide