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Buffalo Bill across the Rio Grande, or, Pawnee Bill's slide for life
Buffalo Bill's desperate dozen, or, The raiders of Round-Robin Ranch
Buffalo Bill and the cattle barons, or, Blocking a game of freeze-out
Buffalo Bill, the peace maker, or, Diplomacy backed by nerve
Buffalo Bill's promise to pay, or, The diamond coterie
Buffalo Bill's long odds, or, A quick move for Perry
Buffalo Bill's ranch-riders; or, the mystery of the white horse herd
Moccasin Mat, or, The prairie mustanger
Dick Merriwell's cayuse, or, The star of the big range
Dick Merriwell's quirt, or, The sting of the lash
Dick Merriwell in the saddle, or, The bunch from the Bar Z
Dick Merriwell's ranch friends, or, Sport on the range