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Frank Merriwell, Junior, in Idaho ; or, The brand blotters of Blaine County
Frank Merriwell, Junior, at the Bar Z Ranch ; or, The cowboy athletes
Buffalo Bill's promise to pay, or, The diamond coterie
Buffalo Bill and the border baron or, the cattle king of No Man's Land
Buffalo Bill's great round-up, or, Trailing the red cattle rustlers
Dick Merriwell's intuition, or, The worst fellow in college
Frank Merriwell's guile, or, The queen of the matadors
Frank Merriwell's daring deed, or, The race for a hundred lives
Frank Merriwell's insight, or, The brand blotter of the X Bar S
Moccasin Mat, or, The prairie mustanger
Dick Merriwell's cayuse, or, The star of the big range
Dick Merriwell's quirt, or, The sting of the lash
Frank Merriwell, prince of the rope, or, The King Bee from Kinknot
Frank Merriwell on Rattlesnake Ranch, or, The dupe who became a shark