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Earle Wayne's nobility
Klondike Kit's moose-skin bag, or, The clean-up at no. 6
Phil Rushington's comedy four, or, On the stage and off
Phil Rushington's ruse, or, Trapping an embezzler
Frank Merriwell, Junior's, desert race, or, a daring venture
Frank Merriwell, Jr., and the little black box, or, The man from the west
Owen Clancy and the claim jumpers, or, The motor wizard's running mate
Owen Clancy among the smugglers, or, The motor wizard and the "haunted" mine
Owen Clancy's ride for fortune, or, The motor wizard's pluck and luck
Owen Clancy's double trouble, or, The motor wizard's mystery
Frank Merriwell, Jr., and the nine wolves, or, Stemming the tide