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Frank Merriwell's tenacity, or, The mystery of the famous scientist
Dick Merriwell's shooting, or, The gun club in the woods
Dick Merriwell's intuition, or, The worst fellow in college
Dick Merriwell, peacemaker, or, The split in the Varsity
Dick Merriwell's perception, or, The brains of the varsity
Dick Merriwell, tutor, or, the fellow who gave up football
Dick Merriwell's brain work, or, The frustration of the sneaky tutor
Dick Merriwell's commencement, or, The last week at Yale
Dick Merriwell's detective work, or, The case of the varsity shortstop
Dick Merriwell's understanding, or, The man who was hounded
Dick Merriwell's queer case, or, The lure of the ruby
Dick Merriwell at his best, or, Rounding the team into form