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Silver dollar Sam, or, The coin that brought him luck
A young money broker, or, Striking luck in Wall Street
Broker Brown's boy, or, A tough lad from Missouri
After a golden stake, or, Breaking a "bucket shop" combine
A young broker's money, or, Trapping the sharpers of Wall St
Dick Dalton, young banker, or, Cornering the Wall Street "sharks"
Bound to get the cash, or, Out for a million in Wall Street
Nat Noble, the little broker, or, The boy who started a Wall Street panic
Little Jay Perkins, the broker, or, Shearing the Wall Street "lambs"
Stocks and bonds, or, The firm with a grip on the market : (a Wall Street story)
Barry & Co., bankers and brokers, or, The boy money=makers of Wall Street
The boy behind the deals, or, The luck of a Wall Street broker
Matt, the money-maker, or, A strange lad in Wall Street
             Long & Co., boy brokers, or, A lucky Wall Street firm